Loving Clara Schumann, Mercury Orchestra

For directorial engagements, please contact:


Tara Faircloth

Stage Director

Other Projects & Services: 

  • Private Coachings -

    • I offer private sessions with singers to explore interpretation and presentation, whether you are learning a new role or brushing up audition repertoire.  We can work in person or set up a Skype appointment! 
  • Drama Workshops -

    • Please contact me about working with your student group!  I'd love to do a residency that includes open masterclasses, individual coachings, and group sessions exploring physicality & character work. 
  • Budget Book & Workshops -

  • Surtitles -

    • I'd love to create surtitles for your opera.  I believe titles should honor the spirit of the production, as well as the native text, and that finding the right combination of literal translation and contemporary interpretation is a delicate balance. Audiences really relate to and enjoy my conversational approach to surtitling. 

Let's work together!  Please contact me directly at:  



For other services, please contact me directly:

ADA Artists Management

4768 Broadway #660

New York, NY  10034